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Student Ambassador Program

Maryland STEM Festival Student Ambassadors are a group of High and Middle School students, along with their parents and teachers, who support the Festival’s mission by spreading the word about Festival programs and events in their communities.  The Ambassador program provides students the opportunity to work together and gain valuable leadership, organizational and social skills, all while helping to increase public awareness of STEM in their own community.   This is a exciting way to earn services hours!

Ambassador Expectations

Attend a mandatory Virtual orientation at 6 pm on August 30th.   The orientation will include a discussion with Student Ambassadors from the Atlanta Science Festival

Dedicate 10-12 hours from September through November to promoting the Maryland STEM Festival

As an Ambassador, you and your fellow group members help to spread the word about Festival programs:

  • At your school – for example: hang posters and distribute postcards, share information with STEM clubs and programs, host an MSF info table during lunch, present to your school leaders and PTA, make school announcements and send a letter home, etc.
  • At a lower-level school – reach out to local middle or elementary schools to hang posters and distribute postcards, host an MSF info table during lunch, present to your school leaders and PTA, make school announcements and send a letter home, etc
  • In the community – share with peers and parents at after-school clubs and activities, at your local library, in your faith community
  • On social media – use your influence to share @MdSTEMFest 2022 content and post picture of your ambassador work at #Mdstemfest2022

Ambassadors are required to attend on Festival event, take pictures and get feedback from attendees.

We are also looking for ambassadors to post once a week to the Festival's social media platforms through the year. 

Ambassador Benefits

As a thank you, active Ambassadors will receive the following benefits:

  • Recognition on the Maryland STEM Festival Ambassador Webpage and at certain Festival Events
  • A digital media toolkit to assist with promotions, including draft emails, letters and social media content.
  • Free Maryland STEM Festival Swag including Festival Hats, Shirts, Posters and More
  • Community service hours.  
  • Connections with students around Maryland.
  • Valuable Leadership and Community Engagement Experience
  • Our Eternal Gratitude!!

To learn more about the program or become an Ambassador, e-mail Phil at

Current Ambassadors

Sunny Bae

Prakhya Chikkem

Arezu Fayyazi

Kay Galindo

Iyana Hurley

Isabelle Kaiser

Enyu Liu

Amalie Ludwig

Archi Marrapu

Neha Neelam

Elizabeth Onafuwa

Jen Placido

Kailyn Ryan

Shreya Srivastava

Shawn Wentz

Kelly Yang

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The Maryland STEM festival is a month-long celebration of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics designed to advance STEM and STEAM education. Students have the opportunity to experience engineering, mathematics, science, and technology at work through curriculum provided by regional schools, colleges, and corporations. All events on focusedon advancing math and science and encouring students to pursue STEM or STEAM careers.