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Past Art Contests- 2019


2019 Maryland STEM Festival Art Contest Winners

The Festival is pleased to announce the Winners of the 2019 Maryland STEM Festival Art Contest.  Congratulations to the winners.   Thank you to all who submitted an entry.



ES Traditional Art

    ES Digital Art       

MS Traditional Art

MS Digital Art


ArtFestival2019Winners 0021 Nathianel Gannon

Nathaniel Gannon

ArtFestival2019Winners 0018 Zarah Spriggs

Zarah Spriggs

ArtFestival2019Winners 0014 Aura Anonye

Aura Anonye

ArtFestival2019Winners 0006 Krish Patel

Krish Patel


ArtFestival2019Winners 0017 2. Camila Castro

Camila Castro


 ArtFestival2019Winners 0020 Taylor Eversole

 Taylor Eversole

ArtFestival2019Winners 0023 Anastacia San Antonio

Anatascia San Antonio



ArtFestival2019Winners 0010 EvaGlekas

Eva Glekas


ArtFestival2019Winners 0011 Emma Warner

Emma Warner



ArtFestival2019Winners 0019 Kathleen WerthKathleen Werth


ArtFestival2019Winners 0015 anna samson

Anna Samson




ArtFestival2019Winners 0005 LucyMyers

Lucy Myers


ArtFestival2019Winners 0007 Vernon Keaser

Vernon Keaser



ArtFestival2019Winners 0003 Molly Warner

Molly Warner



ArtFestival2019Winners 0016 Abgail Davis

Abigail Davis (tie)


ArtFestival2019Winners 0002 Sofiadeang

Sofia Deang (tie)


HS Traditional Art

HS Digital Art    

College Traditional Art  

College Digital Art



ArtFestival2019Winners 0012 Emily Xing

Emily Xing


ArtFestival2019Winners 0022 Cassidy MarkCassidy Mark

ArtFestival2019Winners 0001 Chase NickolesChase Nickoles



ArtFestival2019Winners 0000 Jordan SuJordan Su


ArtFestival2019Winners 0004 Lyell Curtis

Lyell Curtis


ArtFestival2019Winners 0009 Halei Long

Halei Long



ArtFestival2019Winners 0013 Bridget Tramontana

Bridget Tramontana



ArtFestival2019Winners 0008 Joshua Samson

Joshua Samson






Winning entries will be displayed from November 3rd through 10th at the  NASA Goddard Space Flight Center's Visitor Center


See Ava Marie aanouncement of the Art Contest



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