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Past Art Contests- 2020

We congratulate the winners of the 2020 Maryland STEM Festival Art Contest listed below.  You will receive your prize by November 16th.   We thank all contestants for submitting their artwork.  Everyone did a great job!

Artist Place Title
ES Cat 1 Lee Fregeau 1 Exploded View of an Automobile
ES Cat 1 Ava Burdette 2 Terrific Turbine
ES Cat 1 Hawkin Zinc 2 Experimental Fliers
ES Cat 1 Kenneth L. Muschette, Jr. 3 My Supercar Sketch: "Lingre FS20"
ES Cat 1 Amelia Berkebile 3 Loving Living Space
ES Cat 1 Asher Berkebile 3 Original Design of the Stars
ES Cat 2 Evan Luo   Coding A Future Of Products
MS Cat 1 Inuli Tilakaratne 1 Blueprints
MS Cat 1 Margaret Howell 2 Why is M & D so Important
MS Cat 1 Willow Stone 2 Masks
MS Cat 1 Emily Jones 3 Tools and a Sunset
MS Cat 1 Sokhna Ndour 3 The Many Mask
MS Cat 1 Kendall Barnes-Loveday 3 The Brain Is A Muscle That Can Move The World
HS Cat 1 Emily Xing 1 Inspire and Create, Great Engineer
HS Cat 1 Danielle Nelson 2 Vibrant Machinery of the Future
HS Cat 1 Ximing Luo 2 Automotive Industry
HS Cat 1 Ava Roddy 3 Alarm Clock
HS Cat 1 Tarina Amaralikit 3 Manufacturing of a Technological Singularity
HS Cat 1 Camden Baker 3 A Whole New World
HS Cat 2 Erica Muragaki 1 Manufacturing to Save the World
HS Cat 2 Kelly Yang 2  Workshop in the 21st Century
HS Cat 2 Rebecca Donovan 2 Circuit City
HS Cat 2 Brandon Spilis 3 Infinite Possibilites
HS Cat 2 Kaiya Jones 3 Digital Age


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Start Date: 2020-11-01
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